Saturday, January 10, 2009


Uriah and I celebrated Christmas late with our families this year, and I just thought i'd share some pictures, as random as they may be. For some reason, I didn't document our visit with his side of the family this year. Hmmm. What a shame. :( So, here are some from Christmas in January with my mom and dad, and some random others.

Uriah's opportunity to make fun of me while i'm sick on my stomach going IN to surgery. Who loves 20 Gauge catheters shoved in their vein!? I do! I do! Barf.
We returned home to a 'winter wonderland' on the drive home, the trees were covered in ice. Then we got to our house and everything had melted. Go figure.

Sleeping beauty: She is rarely awake during a car ride.

Visiting with meme and papaw.

It's a cover for my riding helmet with a built in neck warmer! Genius!

A break from cooking steak and shrimp, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, sauteed mushrooms, pumpkin crunch, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. YUM :)

A cutie patootie that came to visit for the New Years dinner I mentioned in my last post. Meet the 4 month old responsible for the baby bug. (Which will hold off until we move back to NC and I finish school, just in case you guys were wondering!)


Austin sleeping, which is usually her state during the whole 8 hour ride. That's all for now! Gonna go eat 'lunch'! Enjoy!

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