Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 random facts about lil' ole me.

1. I have been homesick for North Carolina going on 2 years come May '09, it isn't getting any better. Maybe this has to do with the fact that we had 2 weeks to pack up our belongings, find a house and me find a job. Just a little stressfull and I had no time to say goodbye to alot of people.

2. I absolutely positively MUST have closure. See above.

3. I have a touch of OCD mixed with a little ADD.

4. I am extremely dedicated and extremely compassionate when it comes to taking care of sick animals. They just melt my heart, and I want to help them with every part of my being.

5. I CANNOT stand smacking noises that accompany people chewing with their mouth open, or any sound that resembles licking, or chewing. It drives me up the wall and I will snap at any given moment if I am unable to escape the noise.

6. I am 26 and now wear a hearing aid. While I am extremely grateful for the remaining hearing I have left, it saddens me just a little bit that I am 26 with a hearing aid.

7. This past November is probably not going to be my last ear surgery and after every surgery I say that I will never have surgery again. But this past one was #6 and I am scared of how many more I will have to have.

8. Sometimes I feel like my life has been ripped apart and will never be glued back together again, and when I think of what happened/is happening, it makes me cry and I cannot go down that dark road, so then I have to think of something else. Immediately.

9. I get really sad and worried about random things at night. When I wake up after sleeping all night I don't feel so worried or sad anymore.

10. I worry about pretty much everything. I also analyze things WAY too much. It drives me nuts.

11. I am having alot of trouble 'letting go' of being #1 caretaker of my horse since moving him to his new barn. Since his injury in March 2008 I worry profusely about his well being and whether or not another freak accident will happen. I pray almost every day for God to keep him safe because surely if he gets injured again I will need to be commited to a mental institute. He will be 15 in March and I have had him since I was 12. I buy more things for him than I do myself and I cannot tell you the last time I went shopping for myself. It brings me comfort to see animals comforted by what I do for them, especially Tuff.

12. It makes me sad to see homeless people that are obviously homeless (dirty, scruffy and rugged looking), my instinct is to look away and ignore them, but then I think they're people too and want to have some type of human contact. How would you feel if no one ever looked at you and acted as if you don't exist? You never know what their situation is, and it's not mine to judge, just show a little compassion. I rarely carry cash so I can't give them money but atleast I can show compassion towards them. It makes me feel better anyway.

13. Uriah left for Virginia on Sunday night, 1 hour after he left the lonliess was unbearable and I don't see how people leave their spouses for the war. He is definately my other half and I feel lost without him.

14. I LOVE music. I love to listen to every kind of music (except for hard rock and gangsta rap-ha). I love to 'feel' music. It always takes me to a different place and can make me feel all sorts of emotions.

15. I've played the violin since the 6th grade. Since I have some extra free time on my hands from not having to horse sit every day now, I took it out to play only to find that all my strings are dead and 2 of them snapped off as I tried to tune it. Time for 4 new strings. I don't need a tuner to tune it to because I can hear the "A" being played back in my mind from all the mornings of it being played loud in orchestra in school while 20 people tuned their instruments.

16. I feel like I am never going to finish school.

17. I have no idea what I want to do as a career when I do finish school. I do know that it must be with animals, preferably horses, somehow, someway.

18. My ultimate dream job would be to have my own horse facility in which I would offer boarding, starting under saddle, and breeding with my own stallion that would be in high demand because of the characteristics he possessed performing and in confirmation. I love to design my own barn in my head.

19. The person I would love to meet is someone that hardly anyone else knows. Monty Roberts- Google him. Now.

20. I get along much better with guys than I do girls. I don't know why.

21. I am constantly late to practically everything. I hate it. See #3

22. I miss my papaw and grandmother terribly but find comfort in both of them being together again in heaven without cancer.

23. One of my happy places is my papaws big red barn and all the hubub that used to be there during shows and trail rides.

24. I would without a doubt pack up everything I own and move to Alaska right now. The beauty of the place is indescribable. There are no words for anything else, I felt so much at peace when I was there.

25. I think there is something special about a hand written letter that no email, no telephone call, no e-card can touch. I love to write them for family back home.

26. I am taller than my husband. It took me a year to realize that. I was in secret denial. He slouches, so really we're the same height right?

27. Raising a child scares me.

28. Horses, scrapbooking and drawing are all medicines of mine. In that particular order.

29. I tend to scare myself when I am alone. I have such a vivid imagination that the dark really scares me. I cannot allow myself to watch horror movies for this reason. The last one I saw was 6 years ago and I had trouble sleeping for months. I haven't allowed myself to watch any since. I can't even watch horror film trailers when they come on tv.

30. I love to sleep. I also require alot of it. I can make myself sleep even if I am not tired. There is something about my bed, and my warm comfy covers that make me relax immediately and the world is a better place when i'm all warm and snuggly.

Thanks for reading!

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