Saturday, May 30, 2009

I went riding today!!!

Long time no post I know. Sorry. I've been working too hard and being too lazy when i'm not working too hard. I won't go into detail about that boring stuff, but the most important thing is I went riding today!

For the first time since November before my surgery!! It was glorious. Today was just a glorious day. Perfect weather.

I saw a barely 3 day old foal (baby horse) and he was the cutest thing. Dare I say almost as cute as Tuff when he was a little baby? I'll post pictures later, but he was just the most precious thing I have ever seen. I love little horsey noses. Especially ones with curly whiskers. I definately miss having babies around.

Tuff had clover for lunch and he was really slobbering buckets. He had a constant stream of drool coming out of his mouth when I first brought him in from the pasture and then occasionally he'd open his mouth and let a big wad of it drop on the ground. A few times almost on my shoe.

I finally got a new saddle pad and girth for the Australian saddle i've been trying to fit since January. UGH! It was definately hard to find tack for this saddle. So today was the day. I had my tack ready that I had bought the week before, only to find out the pad was too small. The girth is okay, though i'm not entirely sure i'm going to be able to use it anymore because the billet strap (to tighten the girth/saddle) broke off mid pull and left me with nothing to pull with. I need to take it to the leather shop down the street to have it repaired. But go figure, I finally get the tack and my saddle bites the dust. Oh well. It is a good saddle, leather wears out after being pulled for a while. If it weren't for the awesome people that take care of Tuff being at the barn to help me with all the questions and tack malfunctions I probably wouldn't have ridden. Have I mentioned that they are AWESOME? I mean seriously. It's a 30 minute drive for me, and I was originally skeptical about moving Tuff away from my 10 minute drive, own tack room, own catch area, double stall, but goodness. It is SOOOO nice to not have to worry about if my horse is getting fresh water, hay, food, and attention if anything should arise. I have to say, that if I ever found a barn 10 minutes from me, I don't think I would move him, I don't think i'm gonna find another barn as caring or attentive as these people. It's nice to have one less thing to worry about. Tuff's leg is doing fabulous. There are so many nice things I could say about it. I am 100% happy that I moved him. I realize now the only doubts I had earlier were about the distance that I would have to travel, and missing the friends that I had made, but that is long gone. I'm happy.

Sorry this post is all over the place.

I will post pictures soon.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It could always be worse

I realize I haven't blogged in a while, sorry folks! Life Happened. I've been busy with school, school, school, work, and more school. I'm only taking 1 class, but when i'm not working, i'm in school. No social life thats for sure. So yesterday was my final. I had an 89 average in the class (1 point from an A) and studied as much as I could Sunday, reading over my notes, jotting a few things down, and studying with a friend from class. Things were okay, though I knew I could have studied more and suddenly I wished I could have taken the day off on Monday morning to study instead of work. I always do bad on final exams. I always put so much pressure on myself. Easy questions become hard, and easy answers are lost in my brain. It's that bad. I felt okay after the 10 page, all short answer, fill in the blank test, figuring I got a low B. Still an okay chance to make my A in the class. Well, I instead made a 75.5 and have an 88.2 in the class as my final grade. I am soooooooooooooo upset at myself. If I would have studied 1 more hour. Jotted down 5 more things on my paper. Remembered a little harder. B. B is for BOOOOOO. I am more upset that I am so close to my hard earned A. 1 point. 1 measley point. I wouldn't be as mad if I had done bad during the whole semester and earned an 88. But I rocked the semester out and got an A in the freakin' lab for goodness sakes. But 1 point from an A is just not cool with me. I know I could have done it, I know it. And I know that if I would have studied just a little bit longer I would have.

Then I talked to daddy. He told me that his captain at work fell off a 20 foot ladder roofing his house, broke 3 ribs, cracked 2 vertebrae, jammed his pinky finger and possibly disfigured his shoulder. He could have died. He had angels protecting him thats for sure. I am trying to tell myself that things could always be worse. Suddenly a 88.2 doesn't sound SO bad.

It could always be worse.

I just need to learn to let go and be happy that I still got higher than the class average grade in the class, that most people struggle with Microbiology. And I got almost an A. Almost is what sucks the most. I don't like almost. I WANTED IT SO BAD. Ok, I think you get the point. I really am trying to talk my way into coming to terms with the final grade. Pray that maybe my teacher will note how hard I tried and give me the little bit extra that I need. Hopefully. Prayerfully. I am going to pray. And also pray for people that fall off ladders.

Thanks for letting me air all that out. It feels a little better getting that off my chest...