Sunday, January 25, 2009

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot one of the reasons why I was visiting the doctor last week! It's a very exciting reason. Well, for me anyway. I got my hearing aid! I am still adjusting to it. It's wierd being 'in stereo'. Not having full hearing in my left ear for goodness knows how long and now having an aid is a little hard to get used to, in a good way of course. There are a few things that I need to tweek. But it is very beneficial. There are alot of special gadgets on these things that you wouldn't even begin to think would be possible on something so tiny. You can barely see mine, and if I didn't tell you, you would never know I was wearing one. Of course I can't sleep with it in, or get it wet, and I don't think i'm going to ride with it on, just in case it jiggles out. Otherwise when I wear it correctly and it is in properly I can barely tell it is in. Putting it in is a bit difficult just because I have always had this thing about shoving tiny things inside my ear, it was always a bad thing. Getting used to it as a good thing is a little difficult and sometimes it feels funny but it is already growing on me. I made a video to email to family, and it's too big to post, so pictures will just have to do.

This week is going to be a little wearing on me. First and most important reason is that Uriah will be spending his week in classes training all week, I miss him terribly already and it hasn't even been 3 hours yet. UUGH! Second, I have my first full week of classes and getting back into the swing of things might be tiring, but I am surprisingly excited...I think I have a good teacher for this class.

Third, of course I will be worried about Tuff and his new home and whether or not he likes his new digs and is making new friends. It has almost been a year since he got injured and having spent every single day of my life except for the rare weekends that I went to NC and the month I had surgery and couldn't go to the barn, aside from those days, I have spent every day with that horse. Every day wrapping and unwrapping and rewrapping, and sweating, and injecting antibiotics in his neck, crushing horse sized pills into grain, walking, grazing, standing for hours on end just to get his mind occupied on something other than 'why can't I run', scooping poop, shoveling saw dust, driving only God knows how many hours all in the name of one horse. All for the sake of my Tuffy. Now, he's 25 minutes away, in another person's hopefully trustworthy hands, with myself unable to watch him with a close eye. His leg will never ever be the same, so I will always worry, but now I feel a little lost not knowing what to do with a little extra free time. But call me crazy, all the blood (not his) sweat and tears (all mine) I wouldn't trade for a second (of course I wish none of it happened to begin with, but this is me trying to find the silver lining) because all the time I spent with Tuff he always got me through something. Always took my mind off of things that bothered me. Work problems disappeared, family drama disappeared, just me and my horse, and the days that I did get to ride him, he carried me around, proud as a peacock that he was able to be ridden again, and everything through the ears of my red headed son, uh-em, horse was right and perfect. Nothing could touch me. I was definately bitten by the horse bug a long time ago, and once you've been bitten, nothing can take it away. So if anyone reading this has a friend, family member in love with horses, it's too late, the deed is already done. The best thing you can do is to just let it happen. Just let it happen is all the advice I can give you. Boy, that was a long walk down memory lane. Sorry about that...I am a little (okay alot) passionate about all things horsey. So...with that said, I hope everyone has a good Monday, and do try to stay warm :)


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Anonymous said...

Horse bug duly noted - thanks Aunt Lindsay! Shelby definately has that.... every library book, every video game.... even when I go for a run and she rides her bike along with me.... she has to make a stop at the pasture to talk with the horses! Hope Tuff does well. You are all in our thoughts! Hugs! Missy