Friday, January 16, 2009

Feelin' a lot better

...but now I have this thing in my neck that hurts when I touch it, and is most obviously a 'lump'. I made an appointment to see the doctor next Wednesday at 9:45am, but still, i'm worried. There are alot of thyroid issues in my family so that is on my mind, not to mention the occasional xray I take at work without my thyroid guard because, you know, when i'm taking pelvis x-rays on a giant german shepherd with painful hips they don't really care about me forgetting my thyroid guard. They just want to get off the xray table, perhaps see if I taste like chicken, or you know, relieve themselves on my scrubs...hey it happens. Me on the other hand stopping to say, excuse me Mr. German Shepherd, would you mind just holding still on your back for 15 seconds while I scooch on over there and grab my guard isn't going to go over well. I'm sure my fellow employees helping me with the xrays don't really care at that point either. And frankly, it is the least of my concerns in the midst of things. I just want to hear the beep on the machine telling me we're done and I can get out of my lead suit. Eh, I promise to be more prepared from now on.

So, moving on. Is it or is it not cold this week!? I don't know how the weather is in your area, but today it was a whopping 16 as a high. Thats right 1-6. Tonight is a warm low of 6. I'm gonna head on down the road to put Tuff's jammies on and tuck him in bed with lots of layers. I promise to document his wardrobe for tonight and post with pictures. And as more exciting weather news, tomorrow is supposed to snow! People, i've been looking forward to this weekend for atleast a month. Why do you ask? Because it is the Maryland Horse Expo! This is one of the few reasons why I like (not love) Maryland, because they do have alot of love for horses up here. And that means i'm happy. So tomorrow= horses paired with snow= terrific!

Time to go bundle up!


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