Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All in a days "work"...

I love taking care of my horse. Sure, I get a little lazy, and don't want to drive the half hour it takes me to get there, but once i'm there let me tell ya. It's hard to get me to leave. I could stand at the fence all day watching them relax in the sun, and eat their hay. I don't even mind cleaning the stalls. Anything that can let me just be there. One of the things I hated the most from being in Maryland was being here without my Tuffy. Him being here makes it a little better. A little more bearable. He is my medicine afterall. Horses are alot of people's medicine. And once you have been bitten by the horse bug, there is no turning back. No denying it. It's with you for life. And all you can do is just fully embrace it. So...with that said, I made a little video for my meme and papaw since they no longer can see Tuff, since they're in NC, and i'm in MD, I made a little video for them. There is nothing exciting in the videos that will make you laugh, or get you all excited. Especially for all you non horsey people. I just simply made the video to show my family how good Tuff is doing, and for them to see him in something other than just a picture.

So without further ado... (don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side-scroll down a little).

Like I said...nothing exciting, and you're not allowed to laugh. I had a better video that was more exciting, but I think I forgot to press the all important 'record' button. So this is 'take 2'.

Here are some pictures too!

These are pictures outside of Tuff's window, of the farm, and surrounding neighbors.

Here are all of Tuff's supplements he takes to keep him looking and feeling good. We have the multivitamin, the skin and coat supplement, and the joint supplement.
This is Tuffy's girlfriend. Her name is Grace. She's a sweetheart. They have a stall right beside each other and share a connecting window so they can blow kisses at each other all day.
Tuff's new blanket.
Tuff's stall.
The back of the barn. Tuff's stall is on the very far left, the two windows on the left are his. And the door to the right of the windows stay open out so he can see outside.

That's all! Tuff is doing wonderful, his leg continues to hold up nicely, and I am super excited about it. He is my sweetheart and I can't wait until the day comes that he is able to stay at MY barn, and all I have to do is take a little stroll outside to see him, instead of a 30-minute drive down the highway. One day!

P.S. He turned 15 this month! Here's to 15+ more good years ahead of us! :)

Love and miss ya'll,


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