Monday, March 30, 2009


Like my title? Yeah, neither do I, but unfortunately, it has taken my head hostage and I can't breathe, can't sleep without waking up every 30 minutes with a sandpaper throat, and once I do fall asleep, Uriah wakes me up snoring because he's got the snot too. Everybody in the Berry family has the snot. I have a sneaky suspicion that is started with my cute little neice Averie, who I had the pleasure of spending 5 whole days with. I also visited with my other Berry (ha- get it) favorite inlaws and neice and nephew from Missouri! They drove a very long 15 hours to NC to spend time with everyone and I had an absolute blast. Despite getting sick when I got home, I wouldn't take it all back. Nothing a little antibiotics won't kick. I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow to kick my funk to the curb. I am traveling to NC once again this weekend for a friend's wedding, and I don't want to ruin her wedding video by being the one sneezing, slinging snot, and blowing my very stuffy nose in the background of her wedding video. Not looking like rudolf would be an added bonus.

I managed to make it to work today for barely 7 hours, but ended up rubbing my nose painfully raw because of all the snotness. Is that a word? Well, I just made it a word. I also skipped class tonight. I'm a big time rebel I tell ya.

I feel utterly exhausted-hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I hope to be fit in the doctors schedule tomorrow...and now it's time for bed, and nyquil

I'll leave you with these fine photos of my weekend.

There are so many more that I wanted to add, but I didn't have the energy to save the other pictures the rest of my family uploaded and share them on here. You'll just have to use your imagination of all the fun that was had. :) Night Y'all.

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Jenn said...

Hope you feel better soon!