Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day!

My Valentines was a little different, but in a good way of course. It started out about a week and a half ago with Uriah telling me he wanted ME to take HIM out and make all the dinner plans and do any other surprises. Long story, but I ended up deciding on a restaurant called 'Timbuktu' it was a seafood/everything else restaurant, but they were especially known for their crab cakes. I am not a fan of seafood, but when in Rome right? So I got the 'Best crab cakes in Maryland' and they were just okay. Their crab dip however was oh so yummy and delicious!

My Valentine's started on Friday the 13th with a special delivery for me at work. Uriah ordered 18 red roses along with a pretty vase and a very sweet note just so I could receive them while at work. He heard me make the comment the other day when we had the 'me take him out to dinner' discussion that I was going to miss having special deliveries (if there were to be any) at work because V-day was on a Saturday this year. Boo. I guess he took that brief mentioning seriously and took matters into his own hands. I love that man. I love surprises. I love red Roses. When I got home later that night, he wasn't home which is rare, because when I work late, he always beats me home, but I could tell that he hadn't made it home yet, mainly by the way Austin was crossing her legs trying to not pee on the floor, but nevertheless, I could tell he hadn't been home. So I waited patiently downstairs surfing the web, mainly just trying not to fix dinner when I thought I heard someone quietly slip through the door, and then tip toe downstairs, I couldn't even hear him come in which is rare because when a mouse walks in the door, you can hear every creek the wood floor makes when you are in the basement listening for anyone on the 2nd floor... I digress. So anyway, he came home with a pretty little pink box and 2 petite little paper bags and put them neatly on the table and told me not to open them until after dinner was over, which he then proceded to cook, which was oh so yummy spaghetti and meatballs. I helped a little, but this was all him. I love my husband, I love spaghetti and meatballs, I love my husband when he cooks spaghetti and meatballs, AND he did the dishes. I am one lucky woman.

We ate dinner, and then watched Greys Anatomy, and then I coudln't wait any longer, I had to open the little pink box since it was after dinner. Uriah got us 2 cupcakes from the and another dozen cupcakes for me to take to the girls at work since I had to work on Valentines Day morning. HOW SWEET. And let me tell you, these cupcakes aren't your regular run-of-the-mill cupcakes, they were extra spiffy! It was almost too sad to eat them because they were so pretty. Why am I kidding you guys, I sucked these things down like the vaccum cleaner. They were very sugary, but oh my gosh good. So that was my Valentines day! Made extra special by ending the night getting comfortable in my sweats cuddling up on the couch with a nice Microbiology book. Nothing like studying for Microbiology on Valentines day, but even less romantic is a big fat 'F' on my test on Monday. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Oh-on a side note. I have to have the MOST accident prone horse on the face of the planet Earth. I get a message on my phone that was left earlier in the day, I just didn't see it but just as I am about to go enjoy dinner with Uriah I saw it and listenened to it and it said that "Tuff has torn his new blanket, and ripped his ear open on a briar and the blood dripped down to above his eye, but not to be alarmed because it is fine, it is really small, but I just wanted to let you know in case you came to visit the barn and didn't want you to be surprised/worried". Well bless her heart for calling me, I love this new barn. But anybody wanna invest in some bubble wrap stock because I think i'm gonna need some, and I might make you rich. This horse is worse than me with the clumsiness. But, atleast it wasn't a fractured bone, the 1st anniversary to that is coming up in a couple of weeks. Thank God that is over with. Praise the LORD! By the way, Tuff's ear is fine, the cut is very small, and his leg looks WONDERMOUS! It looks as if nothing ever happened to it. His extra time in the pasture is really making things look great.

Really, now, i'm gonna go study some Micro...again. Later!



Jenn said...

What a sweet v-day surprise. As for Tuff I think I the just likes to keep you on your toes.

Jess said...

Hey girl! You've inspired me...I started a blog too. Although I doubt it will be worth a dang. Anywho... My valentine's consisted of tv and diaper changes, nothing romantic. Enjoy it! I bet Uriah won't lose his romanticism, but soak it up nonetheless. Love ya girl!