Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tuff's First Day outside.

So sorry you had to miss out on my Not Me! Monday post last week. I was so distracted and busy with other things that I didn't have time to do it. Although, there were plenty of Not Me's!

Not really much going on. I did let Tuff out in the pasture FINALLY on Friday. I had to give him a little happy pill so he wouldn't run his little legs to a nub and hurt himself. He was out from 11 am to 3:30pm. Good times were had by all. He got along great with his pasture mates, a 30 year old horse that came with the farm 15 years ago, (Timmy) and a Thoroughbred gelding that is 11 years old with cancer. He and Tuff have been visiting over the fence for the past month or so and they seem to get along fine with each other, so it was finally time to take the plunge! It went well.

I won't lie that I felt like a very over protected mom dropping their kid off at Kindergarden for their very first day. Maybe I should've taken the happy pill.

Here are a few pictures of the day: (Tuff is the red one)

This last picture is of a Mama Fresian, she is pregnant and is still nursing a baby. If you look closely you can see the baby taking a nap beside her feet. He's a cutie. They are in the pasture adjacent to Tuff's.

I plan on going on a trail ride tomorrow, and the weather has been perfect here lately. Sunny, and in the 70's. The barn i'm at has a LOT of trails and I am going to try not to get lost on them again!

I'll post more tomorrow.


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Rachel said...

Tuff looks happy!

I'm glad he's been a good patient for you. It's tough not being able to get out and do everything you want!

And good luck with the ear surgery (I've had several myself and am profoundly deaf - it's amazing what they can do nowdays!) Praying for you!