Tuesday, October 14, 2008


That is my thought of the day. Just Blah. It seems to describe my mood...

There are reasons, but without disclosing them, I think I should tell you how stupid I felt today at work.

I was running pre-anesthetic profiles for our 2 surgeries. I did one of them without any help from any human because the dog was a sweet heart (Go golden retrievers!!) anywho, here I am buzzing along, faster than my normal pace trying my hardest to get everything done before the second person arrived for the day. I was doing well until me and the blood machine had a little communication problem.

I thought I ran the blood for the kitty, and was done, all it needed to do was print out. The machine told me to 'remove probe' So I tried, except there was no probe to remove I found out. I find a doooflatchy thingy to help me get it out since it was stuck but it didn't do a durn thing to fix my problem, only made it slightly worse since I think part of it broke inside the machine....i'll just get one of the guys to 'fix' it when they come in. So off I go to some other part of the hospital.

Next thing I know, it's appointment time, the Dr. is asking for the bloodwork results on the kitty and I tell him that everything is done, but that the machine won't print it because I have to remove the probe and follow the steps to get the results printed. I go into this whole elaborate explanation and swear up and down that i'm right, they're wrong.

Ah em.

Turns out, in my stupor that morning, I hadn't run any bloodwork, and there was no probe to remove. Yeah, don't ask me how I got myself into that one.

Humble pie anyone? Crow perhaps?


The rest of the day I just felt like I could plop down on the tile floor and just have a nice nap.

I had plans to go riding today too with a girl from the barn. We made these plans last Wednesday. I just couldn't muster up any strength to go today. I just gave Tuff a bath, grazed him a bit, turned him out in his little pasture and waited for him to dry off a little, then regretfully put him back in his stall. Every time I lock his door and turn to leave I feel so guilty. I can't wait til he is 'normal' again. I hate seeing him in prison. He's been such a patient patient.

Speaking of patients. Where did that name come from. Everytime I go to the doctor, I am NOT patient. Especially after waiting for 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room. Random thought, I know, sorry.

On another random note about patient. I will be a 'patient' on October 22nd at 2:30pm at my ear doctors office for my follow-up visit before my 6th (I lost count) ear surgery to repair my stapes (the stirrup-middle ear) bone. Hopefully everything will go as planned. I am an old pro at ear surgeries when it comes to what to expect, so hopefully I can anticipate everything and there won't be any surprises this time. Last time my cholesteatoma had grown around my facial nerve. I'm not in the least nervous. Just know that I will be annoyed because I will have to sleep on my back for a couple of weeks. I am a side sleeper ya'll. I'll also have to wash my hair seperately from showering because I can't have ANY water in my ear for a while. Every had a blood clot in your ear canal? Yeah, ANNOYING!!!!! The result will be (hopefully) normal, or very close to normal hearing in my left ear since now I am down to 60% hearing loss. I am excited! I just always thought i'd be deaf in that left ear, it's nice to know now that I have several options. I even had a hearing aid evaluation 2 weeks ago that was different but cool. I am going to wait on that though because chances are, I won't even need to have one after surgery is complete and healing is over.

My sister-in-law and neice is coming over this Thursday and staying through the weekend! I am super excited. Everytime I see Averie she is always so much bigger than the last. We are going to visit a pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, see the Washington monument and tour a couple museums. Fun times are ahead!

Now...I hear my bed and a good book calling my name from upstairs.

Goodnight ya'll!


And don't ask why, but I feel the need to brag about this picture Uriah took while visiting Alaska...It is the very opposite of 'blah'. An orphaned/injured Bald Eagle at the Anchorage zoo. I just love this:) Enjoy!

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