Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today was it.

So i'm sure all of you know by now the accident back in March that has taken up much of my life by spending my free time with Tuff is finally allowing things to get back to 'normal'. Wait. That was confusing. I guess I should just say that we've been riding again.

We started riding about 2 weeks ago and so far things are going well. If you want to call trying to buck me off 'well'. Anywho, I hang on, and try to wait out all the 'ohmygoshimfinallybeingriddenandoutofthestall' acts, and he usually settles down nicely into a walk or if I ask him to, a nice rack (4 beat even gait, looks like a very fast peppy walk for all you non horsey people-your butt doesn't leave the saddle) So after 2 weeks of riding in the ring that is full of dusty, dusty, rocky sand I decided that it is finally time to let go of my apprehensions about him hurting himself and he finally has to get exercise somehow, and if I ride one more time in this ring, i'm gonna barf on my freshly cleaned saddle. I appreciate a clean saddle, so I asked a barn friend to come out with me and she kindly obliged.

So today ladies and gentleman, we took our very FIRST trail ride in SEVEN months. It was just what the doctor ordered. Today was the day that makes me remember that my horse takes me away from all the 'mess' that goes on. Today was the day that I can just leave it in the car, and as soon as I walk out onto the grass to go to the barn, I forget all my troubles. Most of all, seeing the world through the ears of a red headed walking horse gave me just what the doctor ordered. Today was it. Today was what I needed. I now feel fresh as a daisy. It is amazing what that horse does for me.

Yes, when I saddle him up he bends his neck around and looks at me like, YOU'RE going up THERE? But you've gained 3000 pounds since the last time, MOM! Do you think thats tight enough already? And then he bites my boob. Then I smack him on the neck. Then he looks back at me again. Then he almost bites my elbow. Then I push his head facing straight. Apparently he's decided that he likes to turn around and watch me tighten his girth. He is like trying to saddle a tornado sometimes and making sure the saddle pad is even with the saddle, and trying to do it all the while keeping my composure and not getting frustrated is tough. I'm sure it's funny to watch though.

Today was amazing. I wish I took pictures.

We crossed creeks (twice) crossed a bridge, and the whole entire time he didn't skip a beat. He continued on exactly like I never even made him stay in a stall for 7 months. What a good boy he is.

We even ran a smidge. Walked a lot, and had an occasional rack. His leg looks okay, just needs to be exercised, which I am in the process of. He is no longer taking his horsey 'Aleve' and his doing fine. Tomorrow will be the true see if it doesn't swell. I have a feeling it'll be fine.

I just wanted to share this exciting time for us with you guys! If you only knew all of the work i've put into this whole 7 month nightmare i'm sure i'd qualify for an award. Now i'm the one that is getting the REward. Thanks guys for all your prayers and support.

How bout a little tribute?

I think that's all the documentation I have!
Whoa, I forgot how much of a trainwreck his leg was (or looked like) Thank goodness he feels better now.
God is GOOD.

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Ashley Griffin said...

Okay. I am totally siked that I have found another horsey lover. I totally understand this post like no other. I was in an accident not to long ago myself, but I was ME that got injured. My horse was fine-physically. And the really weird thing was that yes, I was already a member of the "Dusty Bottom Club", but this was an emergencyroomstaplesinthebackofyourhead accident and it took ME a while to get comfortable in the saddle again.
Anyhoo, glad to have found a horsey buddy that I can "get" and can "get" me!