Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Hello all!

I know I haven't posted in a couple months, but i've been busy! Here's what we've been up to...

*Uriah went to California for 2 weeks, where I was alllll alone, and it was miserable. It felt like he was gone for 3 months.
*While he was in Cali, I received a free weekend flight home. Thanks Mama!
*I've finally started riding Tuff on the weekends after a long time off because my saddle was needing repairs. Now we're back in bit'ness! The ride this past weekend was VERY hot and Tuff dunked his head in the creek all the way past his eyeballs. Last week he dunked it up to his eyeballs and blew bubbles. I love my horse.
*This past weekend we had Kelby (Uriah's sister), Josh and Averie visit us. We kept ourselves extremely busy by visiting the National Zoo on Friday, and then touring the memorials in Washington D.C. complete with a trip in the Washington Monument tippy top! It was awesome! I am also not ready to have a 2 year old running around to take care of. How does one prepare endurance wise for this? I am T.I.R.E.D.!
*Of course i've been working, but this job is coming to an end. Drags me down on so many levels, and I feel it start to chip away at my well being. I feel like a bad person when I leave. Hmmmm. Emergency Vet Tech is a huge possibility. I'll keep you updated.
*Lastly, for the last 3 months we've been house hunting. Yes, 3 months. It has been VERY time consuming, and i'm getting burned out. Our goal is to buy cheap, find a house that needs some TLC and make some money when we sell in 2 years (when I finish school). There is a fine line in TLC, and a complete remodel, so we're trying to be patient and waiting on the right one. I have been praying about it and leaving it to God to help us with our decision. We found one last week that was being offered at a great price and alot lower market value then the neighborhood, made plans to look at it, it's decent, needs some new carpet and paint and a few upgrades but nothing too extreme, so we decide to make an offer on it. Yesterday we found out that it has already been under contract for 1 week. I felt really relieved because I had been praying that if this house wasn't meant to be, then it just won't fall into place. So we continued searching. Today we went to look at another foreclosure in the same neighborhood and our realtor says that the other house is accepting a back up offer because the first one isn't looking too good. So I had to talk myself back into it. I don't know if God is trying to teach us to be faithful, or if this house just isn't meant to be. Something in my gut is making me nervous. I am pretty sure it's the fact that we're investing alot of time and money into our very first home. We shall see. I am trying to remain at peace and pray alot and know that God knows my heart and knows what we want. I am excited about decorating and OWNING our very first house! Getting to decorate has me super excited. We went window shopping at home depot to check out all the stuff we'd like to change and make imaginary plans just to get an idea on how much money we'll need to save. It was actually fun. Uriah and I have the same taste! Please say lots of prayers for us during this huge step.
*I have also registered for classes this year. Jessica if you are reading this, please say a special prayer for me. As soon as I write these words, you will surely understand. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. After work, from 5:30-9:50 pm. I can feel my hair falling out already.

-May the Lord have mercy on my soul is all I have to say!

I did a little homework on what I need to take in order to FINISH my degree, and it was a little depressing. My problem is that at UNCC they had a B.A. in biolgy option. Maryland does not! In order to get a degree in Biology I will have to take Genetics, Organic I & II (labs for both) Physics I & II (Labs for both) Calculus I & II ( I took calculus I 8 years ago, and there is no way I remember enough to take calc II) Biochemistry, etc etc, blah blah blah.

Long story short: I don't plan on being a professional student.

So I am switching to animal science for which the only thing I need is Genetics and Organic I + lab. Isn't that much better? AND! AAAAAAND!!!!! I can concentrate in equine science. Hello dream courses! Where have you been my whole life? I am super excited to have finally figured out this mess of a degree i've been working on for 9 years and finally have some excitment level to it. Now you may ask what I am going to do with my degree? That is a fabulous question, and the answer is: I plan on having babies. That is all.

Uh emmmmm: Seriously though. My dream job is to own a barn, train, board, and do all the other very hard work it requires to run a horse barn. Fortunately for me, I am going to win the lottery in 2 years and that will allow me to do anything I want to. Part of that time may allow me to sit on the couch in slouchy sweat pants and eat peanut m & m's for hours on end. Seriously. Again. There isn't much difference between Animal Science and Biology. Maybe a few courses here and there, but nothing major. I still plan on doing what I had intended on doing with either. Something, anything in the animal related industry. I like to think of Animal Science as more 'hands on' when compared to Biology and alot more specific in the area that I want to study = HORSES!

Now my goal is to take the intro courses to the program at a community college = cheaper. Then apply to University of Maryland at College park to be a part of their animal science program with a concentration in equine studies. Alot of my prior BIO credits from UNCC should transfer so it won't be a 4 year degree (won't take me that long), but I do need to take some courses (30 hours I think) at UMD@CP to be considered eligible for a degree from them. Just the right amount of hours needed to get all my equine science classes underway because the rest have been *almost completed (at uncc).

That should be the majority of it. Thanks for reading this far-this was a very random posting, and lifting us up in prayer.



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Jess said...

Oh girl! Have fun with that organic...UGGHGGH. Definitely not the fondest memory for me. But genetics is awesome! I still love it. We sold our house and are staying with my mom. We bought some land and are making decisions about building right now. M is running around and climbing on everything. Love you!