Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuff's New Barn!!

Side 2 of his stall
His stall opens out to a concrete flat that is enclosed, i can let him out in it while i clean his stall.
Visiting another new horse 'Calvin' who also got here the same day Tuff did, a couple of hours later

One of the many barn cats
The big pasture with 10 horses or so in it, no grass, but plenty of hay.
Tuff's Barn and Run in Shed that has a window that opens up to his stall, so other horses can poke their head in and visit
The big pasture and one of the many run ins, with hay.

Checkin' things out.

Tuff's Stall, yeah, i know, it's old-one of the negatives of the place.
The view from the stall, this is the run in shed that has a window to his stall.
The big barn

Tuff and Calvin

Tuffs stall. He has the run of both of them until another horse comes.
That's it! It's 7 minutes away from my house, the only thing I don't like is the pasture not having any grass, but he won't go out with the big horses, he is going to first be let out in the smaller pasture with the older horses (which does have grass). I also just wish the stalls were a bit cleaner and fresher, but hey it's a barn, Tuff doesn't care about cosmetics (just I do). It gets the job done. This place also has a heated/cooled 'coffee' room with fridge and microwave, couches and tv's, a bathroom, and a seperate tack room that is enclosed and so my saddle and tack won't get all dirty and dusty! Did I mention it is 7 minutes away!??! YESSSSSSS. Anyway, thats all the pictures I have for now...more to follow i'm sure. Love to all.

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jdbullman said...

I forgot how beautiful that horse is! Wow. Hope you are doing well. I need to send you some pictures of the baby, she's growing like a weed. Chubby little thang :-) Talk soon,