Monday, November 24, 2008

Like a baby

I feel a little like a baby-all babies do is eat, sleep, cry for help (or just cry) and do their stuff in a diaper. The only difference with me is well...I use the toilet. But I just eat, sleep, and 'cry' for help. I really don't's more like a call. On the phone. To anyone that can hear me or will answer.

My mama is the best. She is helping me with everything. I don't want her to go. She is taking care of everyone, even the dog, and most importantly me :) Kidding. Uriah is very thankful she is here also otherwise he'd never get a break i'm sure. The poor thing has been sleeping on the couch since Friday night because this chick can't take any accidental swings in the head should he decide to elbow me in the middle of the night. I do feel guilty for him sleeping on the couch, but he's being a trooper. I miss sleepovers with my best friend :(

Tuff is doing great. I have 2 barn buddies that are keeping an eye out for anything wrong with his leg, and they said he is doing wonderful.

Nothing new and exciting going on here, sorry for the boring update, just sleeping, eating and sleeping some more...

I feel a little better, no more nausea, my ear doesn't hurt as bad all the time, it just comes and goes, usually when I forget to take my pain medicine. Sleeping is still a little awkward, but comes alot easier, except for the yapping annoying dog that lives next door that barks for 3 hours straight. I might let him try my 'special' meatball. PEOPLE: when your dog barks for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT, how do you live with it in your house? I know I am hearing challenged and have no problem hearing it clear as a bell, but seriously, do you have nerves of steel, no care in the world for your neighbors that have no choice but to sit and listen to it for that long. I think i'm going to lose my mind if it happens one more time. What do you think of leaving a little note on the person's door saying that their dog drives me nuts and to keep it quiet or I kidnap and hold a ransom? That's polite right? There are no other options right?

And i'm done. Time for a nap.


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