Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy as a bee!

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Things have been VERY hectic. We have officially moved into our 'new' house. We are still settling in and have about 10 more boxes to unpack but for the most part have the major things done. This house is about 14 years old, which is a LOT different than the first house we moved to when we came to MD. I miss it already! :( This house has a fenced in yard and a deck which is nice but has a small kitchen and is overall smaller. We had to sell our ping pong table because we didn't have a garage to put it in. Whoever bought it go the best darn pingpong table possible for $20.00. Ridiculously good deal. It was practically brand new! I will post pictures of the new house soon. Too many things going on now.

A friend is visiting this weekend and we will be going to a Philly/Marlins baseball game on Saturday in Philadelphia, and then a Orioles/Red Sox baseball game in Baltimore on Sunday. BUSY!

The latest on Tuff is rather frustrating. The guy that I used to trust taking care of Tuff is soon going to lose that priveledge. He slipped up and left Tuff's gate unlocked to his stall and of course Tuff took full advantage of it and ran out down the pasture taking off like a horse does that has been pinned up for 2 months. I can only imagine the damage that was done. I told the guy he better say a little prayer that nothing goes wrong. He kept apologizing, but what was I supposed to say? 'Oh don't worry about it, I LOVE spending thousands of dollars on my horse only to see it to be blown away in the wind'? YOU IDIOT!!! I seriously don't think he realizes the seriousness of this recovery period. I really would love to tear him to shreds right now and it makes me angry thinking about it. His soberness at the time is also questionable which infuriates me even more. I am moving Tuff to a closer barn as soon as he recovers. I do not want to stress him out to bring him to a new situation, especially since he is already stressed with him being stalled 24/7. So people please pray and cross your fingers for excellent results on the ultrasound Tuff needs to have on June 21st! Almost there!!!!

I am looking for a new job also. I went on a working interview yesterday at a specialty clinic in orthopedics and sports medicine. It would be a very physicaly job (I am sore today from working yesterday) but alot of extra benefits that I don't get now. My favorite is having ALL WEEKENDS OFF, HOLIDAYS TOO!! I would also have the chance to get paid more! I would have benefits. Now I have none! I would even get to have an occasional 3 day weekend since they do'nt require full staff on Friday's. They're surgery's are very up to date and it was very fun to sit in on them. I saw alot of things that i've never seen before... I find out in a week or so as soon as they interview everyone to see if I get the job. I have mixed feelings about it right now, but I figure if God wants me to have this job, it'll happen. If I am not the right person for the job, then no sweat, just gonna move on to the next opportunity. But anything is definately better where I am currently favorite co worker is moving away to Texas leaving me with the worst case of 'girl-who-cried-wolf of a co-worker I have ever worked with. My days are definately numbered there.

Anyway, I had a bad day. A broken kitchen drawer fell off the tract and slammed into my blue glas pitcher vase that mom got me for my bridal shower :( Actually i've felt like i've had a bad week. I just want to collapse in a bed for about 20 hours and rest. Every part of my body aches and I am so sleepy. You can probably tell i'm tired right now because I am griping alot. (sorry---moving on!)

Some good news! 25 more days until we go to Alaska!!! I very much need a nice relaxing vacation with my favorite person/aka Uriah. YAAAAAAAAAAY. I am so very excited!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and short videos with my camera and share them with you!!! :) Anyways, time to go unpack some more boxes. I'll post pictures soon.



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